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About Us

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TTD Fencing is a innovative engineering leaders in next generation perimeter security solutions & Contracting. We Enable clients on 7 Emirates in UAE.

With nearly decades of experience in fencing installation , perimeter security solutions and working of global securities , we expertly steer our clients through their security protection of there assets .

We have a wide range of expertise in Residential buildings, Industrial buildings , High Security international boarder sites ,Private and Public infrastructure, Animal security boundaries, Agricultural sites, Energy sectors Oil & Gas, Solar parks and variety of industrial applications.

Our commitment to work towards the customers needs & focused on Safety, Quality, On Time deliveries and high end Service to all our customers.

Product And Services

We produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.


Constructed out of quality galvanized iron or LLDPE-coated steel wire Steadfast, long-lasting and strong
Cost effective
Easy to repair in case of damage
Have incomparable security
Secure and can endure any extreme environment


Weld mesh high-security perimeter fences are installed primarily for the purpose of stopping intruders from entering into a specific area. TTDFence understands the need for security and has a history of producing certified champion mesh fences


Gabions are rectangular baskets fabricated from a hexagonal mesh of heavily galvanized steel wire. The baskets are filled with rock and stacked atop one another to form a gravity- type wall. Gabions depend mainly on the interlocking of the individual stones and rocks within the wire mesh for internal stability, and their mass or weight to resist hydraulic and earth forces. Gabions are a porous type of structure that can sometimes be vegetated. Gabions are considered to be a “hard” structural solution that has minimal habitat and aesthetic value.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Since the 17th century, transportation has only developed into becoming modern, convenient and accessible to people from any strata of society. Similarly, TTDFence has also noted the need to provide tech-led fencing solutions to different modes of transport. Our expertise in providing durable, agile and diverse products has led to successfully work in the transportation sector for years now. Consequentl

we have a dedicated team of engineers who have been working to deliver projects in aviation, marine, railway and road transport. By considering the fact that these divisions have different fencing requirements, TTDFence remains diligent in providing the best quality services.


The Oil and Gas industry is necessary but a risky one. Especially, for workers operating on an everyday basis in a location of high risk. Thus, Oil and Gas companies require fencing as the primary mode of protection for the employees. Since the task requires heavy security and sustainability, TTDFence takes pride in ensuring that its top-quality and world-class production becomes perimeter security in the first line of defence. TTDFence has been working in the oil and gas sector, delivering bigger projects with larger impact

TTDFence has now years of experience in delivery military and defence projects with durable defence structures, border perimeters and other several fencing solutions to ensure safety even in the most volatile situations. The Military and Defence sector is without a doubt, one of the most prone-to-threat fields that requires strong and durable fences for the protection of militants. Our professional support through the expert and dedicated team that works with companies in the sector ensures that your needs are being implemented in the most secure and suitable manner.

To fulfil any type of your farming and forestry needs, TTDFence remains committed and has been over the last decade. Fencing proves to be the most effective way of protecting your cattle from squandering away or to even protect it from predators. In forests as well, fencing remains a means to secure vulnerable animals from becoming prey. TTDFence notes and understands the standard requirements and has been delivering successful projects in the sector. Our team believes in their responsibility of remaining confident to use the right type of material with proper agility and strength.

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TTDFence’s wide range of fencing solutions for sport arenas and stadiums allows it to adapt and innovate to provide best fencing for use. These days, most stadiums and sports courts act as venues for several other events and functions. Thus, TTDFence’s innovative and durable fencing security solutions have been the perfect fit for any type of security issues. As sport courts and stadiums have turned into huge hotspots of investments, our distinct variety in products allows us to provide our clients the best fence that elevates the look as well as remains durable in nature. Our organization has worked with a diverse clientele who trust us for quality product delivery and top-notch work.

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