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With an expert team of engineers, TTDFence has been working towards creating innovative solutions in the construction of fences. Our company has been working with national clients to provide fences manufacturing and construction services around the country. To ensure quality control, we work with high-tech machines and latest precision based equipment. We provide weld mesh high-security perimeter fence, metal products, precast moulds etc. No matter how distinct a project is, our team always ensures the best service is delivered to all our clients.


TTDFence is dedicated towards providing the best fencing solutions to our customers in both residential and commercial fencing. The services we offer are adherent to our mission and values of catering to the clients’ needs as per the requirements. We offer a variety of fencing services such as security fencing, barriers, automatic gates and many more. With quality assurance and top-notch work, our company has delivered successful fencing projects to hundreds of happy customers. This makes TTDFencing a one-stop solution to all fencing needs.

Housing Maintenance

A house needs to be constantly maintained properly for it to remain in a good condition. TTDFence is not a new name in the housing maintenance sector. With years of experience and satisfied clients, we have been delivering our high-quality services to locations in the UAE. Our premier knowledge of housing maintenance and fencing allows us to provide the best solutions in fixing any problem that occurs. Transform your home with our housing maintenance work services and create a unique yet sustainable look with our complete package.

Environmental Services

As human beings we are all indebted to the environment and mother ear for providing us life. Thus, TTDFencing, with its wide variety of eco-friendly and sustainable fencing solutions is dedicated to suit all needs. Our company recognizes the rising issues that cause environmental deterioration and we believe that with combined efforts we can become forces of change. Not only our methods are designed to adhere to strict industry standards but we also ensure quality-work. Additionally, our experience in the business has allowed us to constantly improve and innovate our methods as well as technology to execute all projects efficiently.