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Whether your needs are of a barrier to protect your home from unwanted elements or stopping intruders, our barrier fences are just made as you envision them! TTDFence is a company that drives its business on customer satisfaction. Our expert team uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver A1 quality products on time. We keep in mind that every customer is unique and has distinct needs so our barrier fences are versatile, adaptable and suited for any situation. Even if you feel that your fencing needs does not fit any category, do not worry because we may have the answer for you. Our dedicated staff and a team of engineers work night and day to find solutions to your problems. As a fence contractor, TTDFence, our broad range of wood, stell, aluminium or galvanized iron barriers are manufactured by following strict regulations and international industry standards. Our work has ranged from building road barriers to pet barriers for a residential area. Only certified products are delivered by TTDFence. If you are looking to put barriers in your house, road or any other area, our company will provide you the best quality product within no time.

Chain Link Fencing

TTDFence excels at providing services of chain link fencing at an affordable price.Whether your needs are for commercial or residential fencing, our top-quality chain link fences are agile, durable and sustainable. With our advanced weaving technique, the chain link fences provided can surpass any security test and make the product strong enough for rough and tumble environments in any business or commercial setting. Whatever your needs are, our chain link fences pass the bar for a world-class product. Additional add-ons on the fences are also available. If your business or commercial workplace is in need of chain link fences, TTDFence can be your one-stop destination. Our chain link fences are: Constructed out of quality galvanized iron or LLDPE-coated steel wire Steadfast, long-lasting and strong Cost effective Easy to repair in case of damage Have incomparable security Secure and can endure any extreme environment Our company has years of experience in fixing and delivering projects of chain link fences at diverse and versatile locations. Available in various sizes for different uses. Our chain link fences are also applicable for multiple uses. Contact TTDFence for your fencing needs today!

Fencing Accessories

Fencing work is not just limited to installing and setting it up. Over time, you will need to maintain the quality of your fences by fixing them. Even the installation requires more than just fencing posts and panels. TTDFence has a variety of fencing accessories. Whatever you need, we have it! Some sample accessories include but not limited to: - Lighting - Hinges - Latches - Post Caps - Chain Link mesh - Designer Products - Picket - Rail end Caps And many more... TTDFence offers high-quality, strong and durable fencing accessories as the right fit you need to fix or install your next fence. As one of the largest and biggest suppliers of fencing accessories in the countries, our wide variety and set of products are made to cater versatile needs. Browse our catalogue today and find the right supply for yourself. If you are looking to complete your dream fence project, why wait? If you are worried about the quality, TTDFence assures you that our product is world-class and adheres to international industry standards. Our belief is to drive with quality and if you believe in the same, contact us today and get your supplies delivered in no time!


A gabion wall is a retaining wall made of stacked stone-filled gabions tied together with wire. Gabion walls are usually battered (angled back towards the slope), or stepped back with the slope, rather than stacked vertically. ... Galvanized steel wire is most common, but PVC-coated and stainless steel wire are also used Gabions have also been used in building, as in the Dominus Winery in the Napa Valley, California, by architects Herzog & de Meuron, constructed between 1995 and 1997. The exterior is formed by modular wire mesh gabions containing locally quarried stone; this construction allows air movement through the building and creates an environment of moderate temperatures inside.

Manual & Automatic Gates

Who remembers when you had to manually struggle in opening heavy and big gates? As humans have been evolving over generations due to technology, we have all worked towards making our lives easier. One of the most remarkable inventions was automatic gates. They have been and are used to control access of individuals in a certain area for security reasons. The most common use of automatic gates is to allow entry and exit of a person on a site and vise versa. The examples of such usage can be in a manufacturing plant, restricted building or even a parking garage. Automatic gates can be used for a number of reasons and TTDFence excels in delivering versatile products. Types of automatic gates used are : Slide gate Cantilever Swing gate Vertical lift gate Vertical pivot lift gate Bi-folding gate Barrier arm gate TTDFence automatic gates are fully customisable. Just let us know your choice and we will provide you with it. Available in several patterns and designs, our automatic gates are the right choice for your fencing needs. Time-efficiency has been the reason for our success at TTDFence. Become a part of our satisfied clientele today!

Metal Products

TTDFence is one of the most recognized and well-trusted suppliers of metal products in the fencing industry. We are known for providing high-quality and world-class fences and metal all over the country. Over years of conducting business in a diligent manner, TTDFence has built its reputation among reckoned industry professionals. Our fencing hardware is used to build and maintain barriers, fences and other mesh products in playgrounds, agricultural fields, residential areas and many more. All of our metal products undergo endurance checks conducted by a team of most qualified engineers and staff. While regulated by the industry levels of product quality, TTDFence takes pride in its deliverables. Our metal products are available in all shapes and sizes, catering to all your needs. Known for its incomparable reputation, TTDFence’s products are corrosion-resistant, durable, long-lasting, can fight any acid or alkaline material, have no color fading with a smooth and soft exterior. One of the many benefits of metal fencing is termite and insect resistance, as well they are far more superior than wood fences. If you are in need of metal products to install or fix a fence, choose TTDFence and experience quality service with affordable pricing. TTDFence is dedicated to providing its customers top-notch products, just right for their needs

Precast Fence Post Moulds

TTDFence is a well-known and reputed manufacturer and supplier of precast moulds. We are committed to delivering excellent quality engineered products made from raw materials. All our precast moulds are prepared in compliance with the industry standards and worked by a team of highly qualified professionals. Our diverse range of moulds include but not limited to garden fence, pole fence, concerted compound wall and many more. TTDFence has been functioning as a trusted supplier of precast moulds since the last decade. At the company, our mission is to establish a new standard in the market that elevates industry level to international. Not only is a product one of its kind, our customer service and support also prioritizes the needs of our clientele. Additionally, before delivery of any precast moulds, all the products undergo through standardized testing in our factory and compound unit. We ensure that no product that exits our base is defected, does not fulfill our excellence criteria or is not durable. At TTDFence, we bring your ideas into fruition. If you are looking for a precast mould but not sure where to go, contact TTDFence today!

Shade Net Car Parking

In summers, it becomes essential to care for your vehicle and what’s better than the modern invention of shad net car parking? TTDFence excels in manufacturing, transporting, supplying and installing world-class car parking efficiently and in no time. Our durable, water-proof and tough structures are known to withstand any outer destructive element. Be it a car parking stand in a hotel, house, factory, school, university, office or anywhere, TTDFence’s shade net car parking will stand tall in any environment. They will not only protect your vehicles from sun and water but can also be used as an alternative for traditional garages. With a team of adeptly qualified engineers and staff, TTDFence guarantees that our shade net car parking are distinct and best in the market. With affordable prices and customizable designs, the shade net car parking will satisfy all your needs. The time to worry about external environmental factors damaging your precious vehicle is gone. Trust TTDFence and join the list of happy customers. Our experience in delivering superior quality products with utmost durability distinguishes our services from any other company. Then, why wait? Contact TTDFence today and let us transform your vision into a brilliantly executed car And Vehicles parking.

Weld Mesh High-security Perimeter Fence

Weld mesh high-security perimeter fences are installed primarily for the purpose of stopping intruders from entering into a specific area. TTDFence understands the need for security and has a history of producing certified champion mesh fences. This long steel barrier will prevent any intruder from entering. Weld mesh fences are considered to be safer than any other kind of fences as their structure is more rigid and intact. In fact, the rigid panels make the installation process easier as the long standing panels have a miniscule amount of horizontal load in comparison to woven fences. Our wide range of weld mesh security fences can be adjusted according to your requirements. At TTDFence, we value commitment towards our customers and have been working towards providing deliverables while also maintaining the standards by using state-of- the-art technology. Our versatile product range also guarantees long-term protection and durability. In locations that require extra security, sensors can be attached to the weld mesh perimeter fences and an alarm can be installed. Since the last decade, TTDFence has been executing projects for weld mesh high-security perimeter fences for all kinds of domestic, residential, commercial and business uses.

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